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Customer Success Stories

Success Story 1
A major cable company averaged a telemarketing conversion rate of around 2.2% using new mover lists from another vendor. A test performed with new homeowner lists lifted response from 2.2% to 7.4% in a single campaign - that's an increase in conversion of 236%. The overall lift in conversion throughout the quarter was 195% higher than any prior quarter.

Success Story 2
Dennis, a franchisee of a major landscaping company, was having difficulty drumming up new business. It seemed that all the good prospects were already taken by the competition who had long been in business. He tried mass marketing his services in the newspaper, even going door-to-door, and nothing was working. Then he found Our new mover and new homeowner lists were so fresh that he was able to reach new prospects right when they moved in and needed his services most. "The best thing was being able to get to my potential customers immediately and make my pitch. It's like there is no competition when you get there before anyone else," said Dennis, "Two months into the business I was ready to close the doors. After six months, I was turning down business. What a great feeling."

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May 27 , 2020

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OUR GUARANTEE guarantees that at least 90% of the records we provide you will be new mover or new homeowner households within the time period you specified in your order. No other provider will make the same 90% guarantee.
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