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Are You Throwing Away Thousands Of Dollars Everyday?


By Bob Blagg

Well, are you? If you aren't mailing your past clients and prospective clients at least a quarterly newsletter, you might as well take a wad of cash out of the bank and just tear it up! Get this. It may be COSTING you $800,000 or MORE in lost repeat and referral business to NOT send a client newsletter (I hope you cringed when I said that!). Many of us (falsely) believe that we render such an awesome service that OUR clients will naturally refer us, and wouldn't even THINK of using anybody else.

Dumb, dumb, dumb. It's a vicious world out there. Your competitors are constantly spending big bucks, secretly attempting to "steal" your clients away from you. Many of your clients may not know or "forget" about the other services you offer. Imagine driving up to one of your favorite client's homes to see another contractor's van in the driveway. When you ask her why she didn't call you, she tells you, " I didn't know you did air ducts too. I thought you just installed furnaces. I wish I would have known that before we hired XYZ to do our new....”

Whose fault that you didn't get the job? Hers or yours? Yours! To maximize repeat and referral business, it is absolutely VITAL that you communicate with your clients on a frequent basis. I will argue to the death that you should be talking to your client base at LEAST once a month.

I do NOT, however, believe in making you "beg" for referrals...simply ask. You know, provide them with a referral sheet with every job but don't stop there, keep in touch and... A newsletter is a very effective, pleasant, and FUN way to open the floodgates to a stream of steady referrals, and repeat business.

How To Put An Additional $10,000 To $30,000 In YOUR Pocket This Year, Automatically!

Want to avoid blowing YOUR repeat and referral business and put a bushel of extra cash in your pocket to boot? I thought you might. Listen up. You must send your entire database something, anything, every month, to automatically stimulate referrals, create deep bonding and rapport, be different and unique to them, and, most importantly, to create on-going steady streams of income into YOUR pockets, automatically, -like clockwork.

The best way to do this? You guessed it. A regular, interesting, informative newsletter, mailed to your entire database each quarter. Notice I said, "interesting"? See, the problem with most newsletters is...

Nobody Reads Them! Why? Well frankly, they're about as dry as burnt toast.
A good newsletter will:
Encourage referrals
Encourage repeat business
Offer promotions that bring in more business inform and educate, thereby further ingraining in the mind of readers that you are THE heating & cooling expert.
Promote all your other services. “Farm” prospective clients for future business.
Act as a selling tool -only top-notch professionals ever make the effort to do one.

So, if you're not sending one, you're leaving $10,000 to $30,000 in personal, take-home income on the table. Income that would have come to you automatically!

Bob Blagg, The HVAC Guy

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February 19 , 2020

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